About BWD Fabrics

BWD Fabrics started as a team of three. Ben & Misty joined together with a long-time friend back in 2006 and created a fun business breeding and selling exotic animals and supplies. We immersed ourselves in the sugar glider and hedgehog communities and used our websites to educate people about pet ownership of exotic animals. When Ben & Misty moved to Arizona for a job relocation in 2012, they were unable to bring their animals with them. The move afforded Misty the opportunity to be a stay at home mom and it wasn't long before she developed a new sewing and crafting hobby. Her new love of fabrics and sewing has launched us into the fabric world. The business is now owned and operated solely by Ben & Misty, but with help from family and fabric-lovers like you. It is our goal to provide affordable, quality products and a fun interactive community of like-minded sewists and crafters. If you haven't already, please join our FaceBook group!  We have a whole team of FaceBook admins, bloggers, sew-along leaders, and other helpers.  We truly couldn't do it without our wonderful team & can't thank them enough for all of their work.  You'll meet them in our various FaceBook groups.  And here's a little bit about our family:

Ben and Misty from BWD Fabrics

Ben and Misty from BWD Fabrics

Ben Dorman - Graphics Guy

Ben is our awesome graphics and video guy.  His specialty is 3D animation, but most of what he does for us is keep things pretty & professional-looking.  He helps get your orders out the door either directly or indirectly (keeping the kids busy) and occasionally helps with customer service as well.  You probably won't see him much, but he's operating behind the scenes.

Misty Dorman - Face of BWD

Misty is Ben's wife and largely operates as the face of BWD Fabrics as well as behind the scenes.  You'll see her interacting with customers, posting new fabrics, marketing new fabrics, handling orders, scheduling sew-alongs, running the websites, and a whole lot more.

Inara and Malak from BWD Fabrics

Inara and Malak from BWD Fabrics

Inara Dorman - Package Designer

Inara is our first-born and volunteers her services as our resident package designer.  It's Inara's job to make your package pretty with stickers.  We tell her she's making people smile & she loves doing it.  However, she does sometimes slack on her job if we get a lot of orders, so please don't be offended if your package is missing her magical pizzazz.  I assure you it was still mailed with lots of love.

Malak Dorman - Master of Mischief

Malak is the youngest of the Dorman household... just a little too young to put to work (although he does sometimes get recruited to help with package design), but just old enough to be getting into everything and creating mischief.