Blue Floral Elegant Lace Fabric

Blue Floral Elegant Lace Fabric

$9.00 USD
Actual color is most like the first image. (SEE FULL DESCRIPTION BELOW)
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  • Type: Fabric

Actual color is most like the first image.

Notes for All Products:

- While we do try to portray colors and weights accurately, colors may appear different on your monitor and weights may sometimes be an estimate.

- In some cases, fabric content and percentages may be an approximation, depending on where we sourced the fabric from and whether or not those details were available to us.

- Most knits are at least 58-60" wide and sold in one-yard increments (unless otherwise specified). Any extra length or width is considered free selvage. Flaws within 4" of the selvage, while not common, are considered acceptable.

- Elastic: At times, there may be a break in the elastic (It comes this way from the manufacturer). When this happens, we try to give you extra if we are able.

- Refund policy can be viewed by clicking here.

- Multiple quantities of fabric ordered will be continuous yardage unless stated otherwise in the product listing.

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